Generally speaking, I'm easy going and don't let things get under my hide. But, then again there are some things that come along that really jerk a knot in me. The notion of being "politically correct" ..... Well, there you go, I'm all twisted up about it .......... in the back of my mind I can't help but wonder
........ "could this be one of those subversive, communist plots to over-throw the free world!"

Well, being "politically correct" is not a subversive plot, neither is polite, political or even correct. It's nothing more than a "Political Lie", a liberal's way to get people to vote for them without having to tell the truth about life in the real world.
You want the truth? Here's the truth!

We've lost sight of the simple truth that things are either right or wrong, black or white and, there are no shades of gray, regardless of what the defination of "is", is! And the playing field is no longer level. If you think it is, just try this!

When people, from other countries, holler about the USA not affording them certain "rights", I am reminded of the time I spent in Israel.

Keep in mind I happen to like bacon and ham, what's all this "Kosher" business? Saturday is a day to go to town and have some fun what's up with everything being shut down for church? I go to church on Sunday.........

So, what's up with all of this? Did they didn't change their customs to suit me? Certainly not! You see, I did not lose site of the fact that I was a guest in "THEIR" country. And, as such, I was afforded only those courtesies that conform to "THEIR" customs and lifestyles as they wanted me to have them. I found out that Kosher is Hebrew which roughly translates into English as nasty tasting. Of couse I am just kidding, but the point is, once again, I had the choice to eat the foods their customs dictate, or do without! Had I been offended at any of the customs in Israel, I had a choice...... just as the writer of "Patriotism" points out.

And just in case you can't tell, Pappy doesn't think much of being "politically correct"!

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