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The Brumlow Love Letter......

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I transcribed this exactly as it was written, capitalization, line breaks, spelling and punctuation, etc..

as sure as roses
bloom in May
I'll be your's
just any day

the road is long a lonesome
the waters wide and deep
Oh think of me dear friend
when I am not there to speak.

remember me early
remember me late
remember me at God's Golden Gate

rememberence is the golden chain
that links our heart together
and if we part to meet no more
let's not forget each other

accept my friend
those lines from me
to show that i remember thee
and hope some thought
they will retain
till you and i shall meet again

remember me when this you see
though in this world i may not be
but if the grave shall be my bed
remember me when i am dead

may your cheek retain their dimples
may your heart be just as gay
untill som manly voice shall whipser
dearest will you name the day

round is the ring
that has no end
so is my love
to you my friend

love is sweet but oh how bitter
to that pretty pretty girl
and then not get her

some loves one
and some loves two
but i love one
and that is you

remember well and dont forget
you have a friend
at Brumlow yet

love you may and love
you must
as long as you can bite
a crust

the saddest bird a season
finds to sing
the roughest storm a
clam may so allay
this with succeeding tunes
God tempereth all
that man may hope to rise
yet fear to fall

as sure as the vine
grows around the stump
you are my honey
sugar lump

I love you now
I love you still
I love you now
and always will

some friends may wish
you happiness
some others wish the wealth
my wish for thee
is better far contentment
blessed with health

There is a small but
lovely flower
that twines about
the humblest pot
and the sad and lonely hours
it whispers low
forget me not

peach tree leave
and calico sleeves
Tennessee boys
are hare to pleae

when you get old
and cannot see
put on you speck
and think of me

remember well and
bear in mind
a truthful boy is
hard to find
and when you find
one brave and true
change not he old
one for the new

when we are old
we'll smile and say
we had no cares
in childhood days
but twill not be true
I had one care
I cared for you

dear freinds foret me not
forget thee let me not
bring more of you small
little appetites here
for Christmas comes
but once a year

roses red and violets blue
sugar's sweet and so are you

in after years when
this you see
I wonder what
your name will be

gay flowers
around us twine
so is my heart
in thine

when you are away
and washing dishes
think of me
in your best wishes
and when you marry
just for my sake
send me a peice
of your wedding cake

love me little
love me heap
love me like
a little sheep

so search these pages
over and over
to se what others
wrote before
and in this lone
sequestered spot
I write my name
forget me not

go forth thy little volume
I leave the with thy fate
to love and friendship truly
thy leaves I dedicate

now all young girls
take warning from me
dont place you affections
on a green young tree

How stange is sleep
when the dark spell lies
on the weary lid's
of the human eye's
the years of a life
will float away
in the compass
of a page's song
and the mountains peak
and the oceans's dye
will scarce give food
for the passing eye

remember me early
remember me late
remember the boy
you kissed at the gate

There is a place for
my name in your album
there is a place for my
name in your heart
there is a place for us
both in heaven
where we will never part

love me a little
love me long
do no flirt
for that is wrong

I have often thought
along the line of time
and have thought
that you ought to
be mine

many a ship
was lost at sea
for the want of
tar and rubber
many a boy has lost
his girl
by talking to another

other friends may
smile upon thee
other lips may press thine
but no other heart can
love you
as this little hear
of mine

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