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Kerry does not like off shore companies: Oh Really?? Just came across a bit of information regarding Kerry and his claim of the Bush administration sending jobs abroad. Well, it seems that the Heinz Corporation, owned by Kerry's wife, has 79 plants where it manufacture products and 57 of the 79 are located in countries outside of the U.S. How many U.S. jobs are lost here???

Factories located at: Taipei,Taiwan (makes Heinz baby foods)Dublin,Ireland;Paris,France;Dovarmenez, France;Lisbon,Portugal; Madrid,Spain; Milan,Italy; Monguzzo,Italy; Athens,Greece; Warsaw,Poland; Pudliszki,Poland; Wodzislaw,Poland; Miedzychod,Poland; Moscow,Russia; Georgievisk,Russia; Cairo,Egypt; Tel Aviv,Israel; Haifa,Israel; Elst,The Netherlands and 6 other plants there; Brussels,Belgium; Dusseldorf,Germany; Seesen,Germany; Turnhout,Belgium; Rovereto,Italy; Chateaurenand,France; North York,Ontario,Canada; Wheatley,Ontario,Canada; Caracas,Venezuela; San Jose,Costa Rica; Johannesburg,South Africa; Gaborone,Botswana; Harare,Zimbabwe; Cheguta,Zimbabwe; Wellington,South Africa; Melbourne,Victoria,Australia; Republic of Singapore; Auckland,New Zealand; Tokyo,Japan; Guangzhov,People's Republic of China (makes infant cereal); Qingdao, People's Republic of China (makes infant foods, ketchup,mayonnaise & puree); Inchon, South Korea (makes Heinz products and StarKist); Bangkok,Thailand; Mumbai,India; Jakarta,Indonesia; Surabaya,Indonesia; Manila, Philippines; Wanchai,Hong Kong. Also recently purchased from Borden's these products: Classico Pasta Sauce; Aunt Millie's Pasta Sauce; Mrs. Grass Receipt Soups; Wyler's Bouillons &Soups.

There are those among the "talking heads" who perceive this as a non-issue since John and Teresa are not actively involved in the operations of the Heinz Corporation and neither of them sit on the Board of Directors. While this is correct, they also don't seem to think the fact that John & Teresa's annual income from the Heinz Corporation, in 2003, was in excess of $20,000,000.00; that's twenty million dollars if you don't understand the commas and zeros.

Think of the conflict of interest a 'Secretary of State' has, whose wife owns business interests in all of these countries and others. Oh yeah, surely it's all above board and legit!

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