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Fat Pappy's Optical Illusions Page

What do you see? .......

Do you see a Duck or a Rabbit?

Which center circle is larger, right or left?
(Actually, they are the same size)

How many legs does Jumbo have?

An endless triangle? Where does each side start and stop?

Which vertical line is longer, right or left?
(Actually, they are the same length)

I love these, gotta get your eyes focused just right!
Can you see Jesus? He's here!

Do you see the word "Liar", or something else?

Most people see a bearded old man with ivy for hair, but
do you see two people kissing? (I had to have help...a real mind bender)

Are the four lines of the box, really curved?
Lay a straight edge up to them and find out!

Which is the picture of the Old Lady and which is the Young Lady?
(You can see both, in each picture)

Are the diagonial lines parallel?
Use a straight edge to see!

If you can stare at the center of this picture,
without blinking, you'll swear it is moving.

What do you see,
Boxes, Squares, Rectangles or abstract forms?

Are the hortizontal lines actually curved?
(Again, use a straight edge to find out the truth)

Is this really a man playing a saxaphone?

Which vertical line is longer, right or left? (If you guessed "the same", you are right!)

What do you see? A Vase ~ or ~ Two Faces

Dots are white, no black, no white....which is it?

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