The Harley Adventures of
Fat Pappy
& The Hog Sheriff!

It took 27 years, two Harley's and 898 miles but we finally pulled it off....... A college buddy reunion in New Orleans, La. ...... too cool!

Always heard about the Piney Woods of East Texas and sure 'nuff, there they were!

If Texas is like a whole other country, when we crossed
this bridge, we found out that Louisana is a whole other world.

We finally made it to New Orleans! While waiting on Ed to come
meet us we stop for a coke at Americans Favorite Resturant "Mickey D's".
I can almost read his mind......"Who's stupid idea was this, anyway?"
A picture of the proverbal "Shot at and missed, ......"?
The trip set shows 771 miles at the end of the day,
and our hind-ends can testify to every one of them.

Nice! Good part of town, too!
It's amazing to see, but the ground in New Orleans is so unstable
that the streets buckle. During the night, as traffic passed
a block or so away, the house shook, like an earthquake.

Finally, after 27 years, we'll all in one place again.
We just picked up where we left off so many years ago. First thing on the agenda, "EAT!"
Can't you tell by looking at all of us, we've missed a few meals in the past 27 years?

We got on the Ferry to cross the river. This is a shot of the East Bank
(Downtown New Orleans), from the West Bank....Never could get anyone
to explain why they call the North side of the river, the East Bank
and the South side of the river, the West Bank .......
(Every time someone mentions West Bank, I think they are talking about Jerusalem)

Talk about a room with a view!
Ed's office is somewhere close to where this arrow points.
The Superdome is just across the street to the left of this picture.

Speaking of the Superdome, it's hard to get a grasp of it's size. Not only does this picture
do it injustice, even driving past it, it just doesn't dawn on ya. That is until you look at this picture again.
Do you see the size relation? Click on the picture and truly understand why they call it the Superdome.

The Crescent City Connection
Bridges that cross the Mississippi River.

They don't look too bad in the daylight, but you ought to cross them
at night, bumper to bumper .... at 70 MPH .... trying to keep up with a
"Friend" (sick and twisted as he may be,) in his car as he leads you to his house.

You really can't appreciate the magnitude of this bridge until you see this.
The white spot on the right side of the bridge piling is a water marker.
It says "165" from the river surface to the bottom of the bridge......a 13 story buiding......
If that won't put "pucker marks" on you cycle seat, nothing will.

The Crescent City Connection was nothing compared to the Huey P. Long!
The evening we arrived, we missed a turn and ended up crossing this mother,
at "dusky dark", no less!
Passing is not allowed on the bridge, if that gives you any indication of
how narrow it is. The upper deck is a railroad track.
Being in the lead, I took our half of the road at the center stripe
keeping in mind that if any one wanted to discuss my holding traffic at 40 MPH, I'd be more
than happy to discuss it with them, once I got to the other side, and after I got my britches cleaned out.

This is a scuplture of "Mother River"!
Each part of this represents different parts of the river...
you know, the hands and the hair, the bed sheet
or whatever she's wrapped in, and such..... I read all the stuff
on the plaque and about all it told me, was that somebody
in New Orleans has a whole lot more money than common sense ....
Art? To each his own, I suppose!

The only thing they've got more of in Lousiana than bridges is police departments.
It's almost like there is a seperate PD for every street in town.
This bridge crosses Lake Ponkat.... Lake Ponchaa... I don't know how to spell it,
but it's the biggest damn lake I've ever seen.

"The New Orleans Yatch Club"
This sits on the shore of that same big lake, that I can't spell.
Just to the left is the Coast Guard Station and Joe's Crab Shack.

If the long bridge don't clue you in, maybe the Coast Guard Station
on Lake Pochawhatever, gives an idea of the size of this bad boy.

You know it's gotta be a tough duty station.
US Coast Guard, right next to Joe's Crab Shack and the New Orleans Yatch Club.

This is just one of those things you can't ignore.
It is our understanding that Mr. Wagner has made a
small fortune because of this unique advertising gimick ...... Okay!

A riverboat Captn. built this house for his wife, so she could
see him as he passed along the river. The top if a replica of the wheelhouse
of the paddlewheel boat he commanded. His brother built one similar, across the street.
Don't remember who they were or any more about them.

Just a picture to prove I've been on Bourbon Street. (for what it's worth)
Rode around the French Quarter for a couple of hours, and never got out of the car.
Didn't want to, bunch of crazy folks down there.

These were all over the downtown area of New Orleans.
Our buddy Ed didn't know what they were for and we haven't been
able to find out. IF you know, drop me a note....... must be for decoration or something.

I've gotta admit, I missed my grandbabies while I was on the trip,
so I was glad that Sarah Beth was around. One morning we were clowing about
and I was trying to get her in a good mood before going to daycare. So we're
"cheezin'" for Ed as he took our picture. (Must have been the morning after
we first got there, cause I'm still pretty red faced)

We had to get mug shots at Joe's, just to say we'd been there.

Just sittin' in the back yard, scratchin' Snickers (the dog) and relaxing.

"I'm not a think as you drunk I am." Later that evening, after scratchin' the dog,
while contemplating the trip home, some begin consuming liquid pain killer, in anticipation
of it lasting the night and the 898 miles to come. Ah, No such luck! ......
We had to stop and take Advil, Tylenol, Bayer, etc..... I would have eaten burlap or
the bark off pine trees if it would have helped!
Acutally he's as sober as I was, simply got caught off guard with the camera.....
(Sorry man, couldn't resisit)

Stephen Gibbs and The Hog Sheriff of Coleman County, Texas, the morning of our departure.

At 8:00 AM, as we prepared to leave New Orleans that morning, we decided to see how far we could ride in one day. I had 853 miles on the odometer as I pulled into the drive way, at 2 AM the next morning.
You see, there was a reason for calling this page the "Harley Daze"!

Where will we go in 2002?
Horace Greely said, "Go West young man!"

Perhaps we'll ride Route 66 to the West for a ways and then come home. Don't know, but you can bet on two things, we'll have a good time and there will be

No more "Ironbutt" riding!

Ed and Lisa: Thanks a million for putting up with us for three days and nights. We had a wonderful time and love you both, very much!

Fat Pappy & The Hog Sheriff

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