The Harley Adventures of
Fat Pappy
& The Hog Sheriff!

Fall Tour~2001
Big Bend, Texas..... didn't know God made anything in Texas, so beautiful!

Somewhere South of Rankin, TX, we stop for a strech
Then, the wind begins to blow a gale .... from the North.
(l-r)Wade "Hog Sheriff" Turner; Gary "High Times" Driskill;
Sammy "Columbus" Cortez; "Wrong-way" Ron Kading.
(Sammy gets the "Ironbutt" award, he made this 800 mile trip on a Sportster 883)

After riding in a 25+ MPH gusting cross wind for three or so hours,
we spend the first night at La Quinta, Ft. Stockton, TX.
After a good nights sleep, we're anxious to hit the road!
(l-r) Hog Sherrif, Fat Pappy, Gary, Mike & Sammy

Lined-up in Marathon, TX. Stopped for a cup of coffee and fuel before heading into Big Bend National Park.
Brenda, Mike's bride, made the trip with us. She's a real trooper, too!

Inside the park, near a fossil exhibit. Folks just love visiting with Harley riders.

Near the center of the park is the Chisos Mountain.
In the center of this mountain group is "The Basin", where we spend our 2nd night out.
A view out the front door of the motel room.

A view of the mountain, behind our motel room.

A section of the road, coming out of "The Basin", down the mountians.

Ever try riding a Harley and taking a picture at the same time?
(note the top of the windsheild in the lower part of the picture)
Was it skill, or balance, or courage? ..... Naw, just stupidity!

Having seen the Rio Grande River in El Paso,
I never thought about it being this beautiful!

You think Harley pipes are loud in the open,
you ought to have heard them in this tunnel.

St. Helena's Canyon
The river runs through this canyon.

You hope it never happens, but sooner or later even Harley's break down.
A battery went bad and it went DRT (Dead Right There).
What's even worse, the nearest place to get a battery is 150 miles away!

How do you get a Harley out of Big Bend National Park, without a battery?
With a tow rope of course! Having pondered the situation, .......... no comment!

Part of the Lajatis Resort. Our third night out!

Next morning we began the run from Lajatis to Presidio, along the Rio Grande River.
When I saw the sign that said "15% Grade" I wasn't worried, it was uphill .......

There's only one thing wrong with being at
the top of a hill with a 15% upgrade .........
I forgot the law of nature ..... what goes up, comes down!

It's Gary, getting high!

Some of what is left of the mining town of Shaftner.... between Presidio and Marfa.

The McDonald Observatory
On the highest mountain in Texas.

The only thing wrong with going to the top of the highest
mountain in Texas ....... you gotta come back down!

We spent the last night out, in the State Park at Ft. Davis, TX. The next morning, at first light,we "lit a shuck" for the house. We drove straight thru, but it was only half as far as the ride home from New Orleans, LA..

The Adventure Continues!

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