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"The F.F.B.M.C."
September 14, 2002

The Texican deligation of "The Fragmented False Brotherhood Motorcyle Club", met and had a short Tour de Tejas.

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Fragmented False Brotherhood Motorcycle Club
(It's not what you think!)

The plans were for the FFB met at Cooper's BBQ in Llano, then to ride the hill country,
have a cool drink in Lukenback and spend the night in Fredricksburg.

Hanging around the parking lot, waiting.
Eddie wants to sell the red Road Star.
Hog Sheirff's son-in-law, Jason, in yellow shirt wants it.......really, really bad, too.

Pappy showing Jason what it will feel like when he tells his bride, "Honey I bought a Road Star!"

Hog Sheriff
Enough sitting around, let's ride!

Crossing the Llano River, leaving town, headed for Lukenbach.

"Oh my God, Marthta, there goes them Hail's Angels"

A stop along the Willow City Loop.

Fat Pappy takes time to change out cool collars... it's hot!

Marty & Christina Biggs.. Chris runs the FFBMC chat board. They live in
the Carolina's and wanted to come to Texas for a week. Nothing to do but the Tejas
group show them around the country. No trip would be complete without a stop by
Lukenbach, TX. (Goober in the back left and Richard, back right)

Why is Bubba Goose taking a picture of Pappy and his ride?

Finally got to Fredricksburg, cleaned up and ready for supper.

When the "Goose" gets cleaned up for supper, "He gets stylin"!

Richard & Lizz waitin' on supper....everybody was hungry.

Boomer (Mike) and Rookie (Bennie)
Their last Saturday night, single.
On Sept. 21 they are tying the knot.....Congragulations!

Thanks to all who took the picutres, I haven't had my developed yet. Should have used the digital camera... Oh well, maybe next time, with

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