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Did you ever wonder why the American Flag is folded thirteen times? I suppose this to be accurate, if not, don't bother to tell me.

Do you Remember when .....
Click here to see if you do.

The $1 bill has much historical information, on it, if you know what to look for. See if you know about it.

Laus Deo!
A lesson in history.

War Ration Book
from WWII that
belonged to my Daddy.

Before E-Mail......
there was V-Mail.
Letters from WWII!

War Bonds Stamp Book
Daddy wanted to
help the war effort.

Airline Travel
was unique in 1956.

Who says life isn't mysterious?
Take a look at an 1896 memo book with a
love letter written inside.

This takes you to other family history stuff, too!

You think you're pretty smart don't you?
Yeah, you do! I know you do!

Like me, you think you received a well rounded education.
Well, maybe not, Einstein!

Take "The Test", and don't be surprised at how uneducated you may be.

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