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Airline travel hasn't been the same since .........

...... they started using jets and computers.
A little more Americana.

In 1956 my grandmother had colon cancer and was treated in Galveston, Texas in John Sealy Hospital. Why in the world they kept this stuff, I'll never know, but I'm kinda glad they did.

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It's difficult to see the right side of this folder, but all the phone numbers for Tickets - Reservations are listed.
Numbers like: MElrose 3-4688 in Colorado Springs, CO.;
MAdison 6-3811 in Los Angeles, CA.; 147 in Bartlesville, OK.;
Enterprise 215 in Glaveston, TX.
Not to far removed from the days of picking up the phone and saying,
"Hello Central, number one twenty-three, two shorts and a long." or simply,
"Sarah, get the grocery store for me, please."

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Even back in 1956, they had deals. Papa few for at full price, $27.20 plus tax and Gran few half fare, $13.60 plus tax.

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If you're lucky, now all you get is peanuts. Back then, they wanted to make sure your neighbors knew you'd flown Continental, so they gave you a decal to put on your car window or luggage. (Paper with glue on back.)

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