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This mystery ......... now somewhat solved ........

...... a "gimme" memo book with the word "Brumlow" written on the front.

I've never heard my father or grandfather ever mention the word "Brumlow", so for a long time I didn't know what the connection to this book might be.

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To further the mystery! Because of the name on the front, I first supposed "Brumlow" to be a man, since the pages of this book are filled with a love letter to a female. However, on this page, the name "Brumlow" is used in the context of being a place instead of a person. In the letter the writer also mentions Tennessee, but a map search of that State shows no such current town by that name.
It is not a letter to my grandmother from a suitor, because the calendar on the pages is for the years 1896 & 1897, and my Grandmother wasn't born until 1908. With the reference to Tennessee, I do recall mention that some of our folks came from there. Perhaps a letter from a suitor of my great-grandmother, but not sure, until later.

Notice the center seam, no staples, the pages are "whip stiched", with thread.

Update January 2003

A mystery has been somewhat solved. Recently more papers were discovered and from what I seem to have figured out, Brumlow was in Wise County, Texas. This was probably written by W.S. Baggett to my great grandmother's sister, Adaline, who was known as Aunt Ad. She and Mr. Baggett had a daughter Susie. After the death of Mr. Baggett and Susie, Aunt Ad moved to Kent County, Texas to live with her sister and family, Margaret Elanor McBride Harrison (my grandfather's mother).

Update October 2004

While prowling the internet, I happened across names Robert L. Harrison and Jemima Beatice Prince my grandfather and grandmother on a Prince family genealogy site. In the course of exchanging information with Jim Hankins, a distant cousin by marriage, he sent a copy of the US Census of 1930. Another mystery solved. Thanks, Jim! The US Census of 1930, as shown below list Addie Baggett as a resident of Kent County, Texas.

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Remember the US Census of 2000? If you were one of the lucky ones, you got to fill out the "long" form. Take a look at the form of the 1930 Census. My dad was 1 & 3/12 years old when this census was taken.
Got the job done and sure was simple, eh?

This form was of my Great Uncle W.H. (Bill) Harrison's residence which included his mother Margaret E. (my Great Grandmother,) his sister, Mary Lou and two widowed aunts, Addie Baggett and Sally McBride. My great grandfather Georce Caperton (G.C.) Harrison passed away in 1927.

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