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As of a day or so ago,
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All Things Political
A humorous and perhaps revealing
look things in the political arena!

A little blast from the not too distant past!

Living what you believe

Laus Deo!
A lesson in history.

Things you need to know
but never knew to ask!

The Five Questions
Men Fear The Most
A little something for folks who long for West Texas.
Perhaps you've never seen a
West Texas sand storm
or dust storm, if you prefer.

The Value of Time
Move over Heloise now you can get
Fat Pappy's Helpful Hints

Experience the Seven Wonders of the World....Which is greatest? Egypt's Great Pyramids; The Taj Mahal; The Grand Canyon;
The Panama Canal; The Empire State Building; St. Peter's Basilica or China's Great Wall

The Seven Wonders of the World!.

I wonder if we are given grandchildren
to teach or to learn from?
I wish for you......

What are your chances of dying by ____?
The National Safety Council has
figured the odds and now you can tell.
The stats are a few years old, but intersting none the less.
So, here's the odds!.

Finally! An explanation as to why women are so complicated.

The formative years are so very important!

There may be some little know facts
or tidbits of patriotism located in
Fat Pappy's History Gallery.

Now that that the vactation season is upon us, it behooves you to know that each State has a Motto indicitative of that state.

Too often, we lose sight of life's simple pleasures.

Remember, when someone annoys you,
it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown.
But, it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm
and slap "the mess" out of 'um ........

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