A Tribute to
Fat Pappy's

Old and long-time friend!

Out of the clear blue, I get a call from my college roommate. Bad news, too, .... He's in a cold sweat, then a lather, .... delirium has set in. Finally, a diagnosis of the ailment is made, .... "Harley Fever"...... the only known cure ..... "Ownership".
"Fat Pappy to the rescue!" Within an hour or so we had one located, and sight unseen, he bought it. Once again proving, "It's not what you know, but who".

Check out the Sheriff's First Hog.

!!!!! UPDATE !!!!!

He didn't like the first one as well as he thought he would, so he bought another.

Check out the Sheriff's Second Hog, named "Kate".

!!!!! UPDATE No. 2 !!!!!

I get this call from the Hog Sheriff one evening....."Quick get online and go to ..." So I did! When I got the site it was......you guessed it....another scooter that the Hog Sheriff wanted. (" ... wonder what Pookie [his wife] is thinking?")

As he begins to tell me all the details of how he is going to get this, I'm polite, I go along. "You're going to sell Katie for a new ride?" "OH NO!", he replies, "I'm keeping Kate, this one will be for around town riding." ........and again, in my mind, I hear,.... "wonder what Pookie thinks of this?" ... then before I can ask, he cofesses ... Pookie is okay with this deal......"SAY WHAT?" This is the same lady that not more than two weeks earlier threatened to put the Hog Sheriff in his own jail if he even thought about getting a "Bad Boy". And, then, "true confessions" continue...... it seems that Pookie has "a list"! Could it be that the Hog Sheriff has mortgaged his "harley soul", at the price of "Pookie's List"? ...... Alas, it would appear that way!

As he began to share "the list" with me, all I heard was "paint the house" and I'm not sure if I passed out or what, but I couldn't bear to hear any more. I quite listening..... "Doesn't he realize that riding weather and painting weather are one and the same?" Oh well, if worsecomes to worse, I guess he can roll it out of the garage at night and look at it.

Check out the Sheriff's Third Hog, named "Pookie" (what a suck-up).

!!!!! UPDATE No. 3 !!!!!
Will this adventure ever end?

Oh,my! You won't believe what happened next!
It would seem that one evening the Hog Sheriff put the new scoot in the shed with a full tank of gas and due to a leaking fuel cap, the gas spilled on the tank for an extended period of time and ruined the paint job.......nothing to do but get it repainted.......
So, here's what "Pookie" looks like now.

!!!!! UPDATE No. 4 !!!!!
Well, it was just a matter of time ....

As I was afraid, it would be only a matter of time until
the Hog Sheriff was consumed by the need for more Harley's.

And, it finally happened, the Hog Sheriff mentioned to "Pookie",
his wife, that he had yet another Harley spotted .........
Here is "Pookie's Reply!"
Caution, this is not for the faint of heart, or stomach!

!!!!! UPDATE No. 5 !!!!!
You may not believe this, but The Hog Sheirff has done it again!!!

I'd been getting some strange phone calls from Hog Sheriff lately, but I just figured he was making noise, as usual, just talking scotters...... He'd mentioned a Heritage Springer and a few other bikes, but I didn't think too much about it.....and then up jumped the devil.....

I joked about the the Hog Sheriff being consumed with Harley Fever, but I didn't think it would ever go this far..........then I got the latest phone call. "Guess what Bubba?", he starts out with and then commences to tell me the story.

My first thought was how did Pookie (the wife, not the last bike) take all of this, again. Then a sudden fear gripped me, she may well be his last wife, too, and she's gonna blame me for it. I'm glad to report that not only did Pookie, (the wife, not the last bike) did not leave Hog Sheriff over this latest deal, and still loves me, too. Well, at least she's still speaking to me, civilly, for the time being.

Then the question arises, "What does a man need with three Harley's?". Well, come to find out he sold Kate and Pookie (the last bike, not the wife) and got a Softail Duce. And you'd think all is well, but alas, there is still more confusion, he calls this bike, "Ol Nell". That's Pookie's (his wife, not the last bike) middle name.

Being that the Hog Sheirff is uh... younger, than his wife, I'm not too sure I'd be putting that "Ol" part in there, if I were him.

Even if a monster hasn't been created, look at all the confusion it has caused me, in keeping it all straight so I can put it all on the internet.... I can hardly wait to see what happens next... I think!

I was wrong! It's happened again!

Yes, this is UPDATE No. 6
and will be the final one, because it doesn't get any more weird than this one!

So, Hog Sheriff calls me on the phone wanting to ride, which caught me kinda off guard since the last time I talked with him, he was going to "sell out" until the baby boy gets out of college. Well, he give me this cock and bull story about "Momma" has graciously figured out a way that he can keep on riding and still get Baby Joe outta college. I bite, hook line & sinker!

Well, thinking that I need to make a docket call, and there being some other apparant conflicts I have to decline the invite to ride and so H.S. finally breaks down and tells me that he's got a new ride. A 2004 Honda Goldwing! A SAY WHAT? Yep, a Honda Goldwing 1800 with all the bells and whistles, too. Well, nothing doing but I make some quick adjustments to my stuff, cause I've gotta see this.

As much grief as he's given others about riding "jap junk", "rice rockets" and now he's telling me he's a proud owner of one. I immediately think of the skint up noggin from a previous encounter with Pookie (the wife, not the bike) and I am certain she has put a "pop knot" on his head for sure and he's simply talking out of his mind.... Honda Goldwing... my goodness!

As it turns out, it's not a knot, he ain't skint up, by George, he's telling the truth, he's traded in "0l Nell" bless her heart (not the wife, but the last bike) and bought a {{{{{{ shudder }}}}}} Honda Goldwing 1800. I know what you thinking... no one has a friend this bizzare... well, I'm afraid I do! I really wish I'd thought to take my camera with me, so I could put a picture on here, so you'd believe me. Maybe I can get one up on here later, to prove it's true.

Well, my old friend may be a "Winger" now and grated Honda Sheriff doesn't quite have the same pizzazz as "Hog Sheriff", I still gotta love him.

The Hog Sheriff's first cross-country ride.
Can you pick out the "Hog Sheriff" of Coleman County, TX. in this picture?
Give Up? Here's the answer!

Here's where we went.
Do you know the place?
Take a guess and here's a little hint.

"Everybody is somebody in _____________".

Perhaps you've heard about the "long arm of the law".... well,
"THIS is a little much.

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